Ulysse Nardin -2015 Classico collection of masterpieces 雅典表 -2015古典杰作珍藏

Perpetuating Les Métiers d’Art, Ulysse Nardin showcases its masterpieces. Ulysse Nardin brought enameling and Les Métiers d’Art in its collection back to the forefront over 25 years ago. Here, tradition touches innovation, merging the excellence of in-house dials with the rare, centuries-old art of enameling and classical styling. Glorious by glorious detail, watch faces erupt in realism, accented by bursting color and striking finishes. Created by a few and cherished by many, the artwork dial – is void of any modern technology. Ulysse Nardin is a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer founded in 1846 in Le Locle, Switzerland, which has remained in continuous production since.

延续之前的 Les  Métiers d ‘Art 的复古工艺,雅典制表精致的珐琅工艺全盛时代已经有逾 25 年的历史,这次出色的新作又把经典重现。雅典今次挑战传统并且触动创新,以稀有的数百年艺术珐琅古典风格融合,达到精益求精的效果。光彩细致的掐丝珐琅彩绘及高温釉烧珐琅工艺也令雅典制表深具本身的特色。1846 年创始于瑞士力洛克,雅典是首个采用新颖物料和创新设计的品牌


Images courtesy of http://www.elegantwatch.net