Sweet Sixteen 甜蜜十六岁

Australian based Photographic production agency Miss Bossy Boots celebrated sixteen years of business with a “Sweet Sixteen” birthday exhibition at the amazing SPACE@Collins Gallery on the 15th of October. The evening was attended by the advertising and fashion industries brightest luminaries. The artists represented by Miss Bossy Boots were given the simplest of themes, that being the number “16” to interpret any way they saw fit. The resulting work was an amazing display of creative excellence and sublime technique.


澳大利亚摄影造型制作工作室 Miss Bossy Boots 庆祝成立 16 年,在 SPACE@Collins 展览厅举办 “甜蜜十六岁”生日庆典兼展览。当晚盛会聚集了广告和时尚界的亮眼焦点,来自 Miss Bossy Boots 的创作者们以最简单生动的方式来展现他们概念中 “16” 这个数字,当然,由此诞生的作品表现无穷的创新与卓越技术