Meet & Greet 迎面和迎接

An Australian multi-disciplinary creative agency with core expertise in property development marketing, DLX Creative had its first networking session for selected customers and friends. According to the founder David Liao, the event held at Karrina Kew display suite was very successful and the company is planning for another of such session in the near future.

澳大利亚首选的房地产创意机构,并且以多元化的开发营销为核心专长。DLX Creative 首次网络会议选定客户和朋友,而创始人 David Liao 表示,在 Karrina Kew 社区举办的房产公寓展示会相当成功,公司在将来也会再次召开类似展示计划sig 4_EZOZ3-pg49-64_62-6sig 4_EZOZ3-pg49-64_62-5sig 4_EZOZ3-pg49-64_62-3

Images courtesy of David Liao