Come Home to where nature serenades you a happy tune to soothe the soul 绿意仙境 反朴归真

Designed for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and the serenity of sea breezes, ALILA2 promises a home of wide open spaces, breathtaking views, enchanting landscaped gardens, along with all the luxuries and amenities you’d expect from a modern resort-inspired condominium.




ALILA2 is at an optimum height and fronts the ocean, hence embracing all the elements of good Feng Shui. The symbolic presence and prominence of the Green Dragon to its left and the White Tiger to its right appear to be matured and strong. Their bodies curving graciously towards each other at the back of the property, forming a shape that emulates an emperor’s throne.

While the gentle hills enveloping ALILA2 symbolise the Black Turtle, which protects the entire environment. Thoughtful planning and positioning of ALILA2 further harness the benefits of the topographic and geodetic features of the terrain. This auspicious landform and lush greenery will bring abundant good fortune and great comfort to the residents for many generations. In short, the location of ALILA2 befits the location of a PALACE.




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ALILA2 is designed to meet the stringent standards of the Green Building Index (GBI). It focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use – namely in the intelligent use of energy, water and materials, while reducing building impact on human health and the environment. Some of the ways it has achieved this is by using specially selected glass, which allows daylight into units, but blocks out heat, hence ensuring reduced air-conditioning usage.

It also uses T5 light fittings, further enhanced by timers and photosensitive switches, all of which save electricity. Water and sanitary fittings are certified water efficient, hence reducing the buildings’ water usage by more than 50%.

A specially designed rainwater collection system has also been installed to collect and store rainwater, which will then be used for landscaping purposes. In addition, the fire protection system has an innovative recycle system for re-cycling test water to further reduce water requirements. And to top off its effort to further reduce environmental impact, 47% of the property is covered in trees and gardens. Making it not only pleasing to the eye, but considerate to the planet as well.


此建筑使用T5标准灯具,通过定时器和光敏开关,达至节约用电的功效。至于日常用水和卫生洁具的认证效率,则减少了超过 50% 的用水量。


为了提倡绿化环境,47% 的公寓建筑面积由树木和丛林围绕着,不仅让双眸沐浴在心旷神怡的绿意仙境中,也犹如置身在一个梦境般的国度