Shooting Stars 闪耀星空

Deborah Gray


Deborah Gray has travelled the world extensively working and enjoying a long career in media, entertainment and corporate communications. An author who has appeared on the NBC today show, a radio personality, a journalist and a business facilitator.

Deborah Gray,在世界领域媒体、娱乐和企业通信行业中游刃有余的资深工作者;并且大胆跨行且身兼多职,目前担任美国全国广播公司(NBC)节目作家,同时也是出色的电台节目主持人、新闻记者和业务服务商。

I have been very fortunate to have worked in big business and to learn from some very successful and entrepreneurial clients. A number of years ago I was offered a position as a National Marketing Manager in a big company and a mentor gave me the best advice that I always apply to any new project.

“Does it make sense to you? Does it stack up? If it does not make sense, don’t do it.” Sounds simple really, but so often we do not apply this approach and ignore our instincts and common sense.

Along the way I married a film producer and moved to Los Angeles for seven years and when that relationship soured I really wanted to return home to family and friends and raise my son Geoffrey here in Melbourne. That turned out to be a smart decision as I met my soul mate and best friend and one of the most successful structural engineers in Australia, Paul Webber.

“Australia is home but I really enjoy new challenges and having lived and worked in the United States I was looking to find a new project that really excited me over there.”

There is no disputing the talent we have in the film industry in Australia but there is definitely more opportunity in Los Angeles, a city that is built on the business of film and television.

I love the business of film and I wanted to produce a film in Hollywood. I love the Sci-Fi Genre, and I decided to scout for a project that interested me although primarily one where I could also offer young talented Australians a chance to work on set and learn from some of the best.

I was introduced to a very talented emerging writer/ director Brent Cote through Madhouse Entertainment. Madhouse represents elite writers/ directors for feature films and television in Hollywood and is one of the most respected production/management companies in the entertainment industry. They were also one of the producers on “Prisoners” starring Hugh Jackman. It was important to me to find a writer who was represented by a company who were active in the business and believed in their talent.

Brent had a Sci-Fi film “SELECTION” he was looking to direct that he had co-written with America Young and one of the best visual effects company Cantina Creative had just confirmed their involvement. A good script, a talented up and coming director and one of the best visual effects companies in Los Angeles with credits including Avatar, Iron Man 2, Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean to name just a few of their projects was everything I was looking for and it ticked all of the boxes.

Also not forgetting to mention the hard works of two talented young Melburnians, Micheal Lanzer and Ben Tan who assisted in the production. Both working long and odd hours on set and impressed everyone with their talents. Michael Lanzer is the Assistant to Brent whilst Ben is our Assistant Stills Photographer working alongside world famous celebrity photographer Dennys Illic. Over the years, Ben had produced a stunning portfolio of work and he could pursue a career in Hollywood if he so desires.

A couple of Aussies who loved the project came on board as Executive Producers which was fabulous although the best part for me was being able to give young Australians the opportunity to work on set in Hollywood and gain valuable experience and credibility in the industry….. And make a movie.



这一路上,我与一名电影制片人结婚,并且搬到洛杉矶7年后,关系却面临恶化。那时,我真的很想回家,与家人和朋友,尤其是目前在墨尔本的儿子 Geoffrey 为伴。


这是一个正确的决定,我在家乡澳大利亚遇到了我的灵魂伴侣、好友成功建筑工程师 Paul Webber



透过 Madhouse Entertainment,我被推荐予一位相当有才华的新兴作家兼导演 Brent CoteMadhouse 在好莱坞的电影电视制作领域代表着精英作家与导演的集中点,是行业中受到推崇的影视制作公司。他们也是 Hugh Jackman 主演的电影囚犯的制片人之一。对我来说,能寻觅到在商业氛围中活跃的公司,并深具才能的剧作家尤其重要。

Brent 编写了一部科幻电影 “Selection”,令人期待值上升,而这部片也获得美国创意 Cantina Creative 特效制作公司确认加盟,他们参与制作视效的影片包括阿凡达钢铁人2”黑客帝国加勒比海盗等,当然,我列举的仅是我理解中他们参与的部分电影。优秀的编导和最佳视觉特效公司产生的化学作用令人拭目以待。

另外,不忘提及两名才华横溢辛苦工作的澳大利亚年轻人,Micheal Lanzer Ben Tan。他们历经长时间工作经验,展现的才能让人留下深刻印象。Micheal Lanzer Brent Coten 的助理;至于我们的助理剧照摄影师 Ben,他目前跟随世界级摄影师 Dennys Illic 工作。在过去几年,Ben制作了许多优秀作品,如他希望在好莱坞发展,绝对可以如愿。